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Speculator and Drug Lord are the first two of a six- (maybe seven-) book series—a series that is far into development.

Charles Knight—our hero—is an uncommon man who matures while facing uncommon challenges.

Speculator takes place mostly in West Africa, where a gold discovery provides the inspiration for Charles to learn the first of his six (or seven) besmirched professions. In Drug Lord, Charles takes on the US government and big pharma, plus a host of others.

Charles has an effective moral compass, and when he follows it, he succeeds. We would like to see the world populated by a lot more people like him.

We are speculating that you will help us spread the word far and wide. Importantly, please let us know your thoughts.

Contact us at and we will answer back as best we can.

Speculator and Drug Lord are available on Amazon,, iBooks, Audible, and other outlets. They are both available in signed hardcover, but only on our website.

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