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    Drug Lord is the widely-anticipated second book in the High Ground series by Doug Casey and John Hunt. The two authors have collaborated once again, creating a book that’s every bit as exciting and thought-provoking as the first in the series.

    When it comes to drug trafficking books, Drug Lord presents a new perspective, one where you’re taken on a journey that uncovers the hypocrisy of institutions like the FDA, the secret world of drug trafficking and the depth of the war on drugs.

    A Look at Drug Lord

    Drug Lord continues the story of Charles Knight, who returns to the U.S. from Africa and is now focused on a different type of gold mine: drugs (pharmaceuticals), and antidepressants in particular.

    To maximize his profits, Knight becomes involved in both the “legal” pharmaceutical industry and black market drug distribution. With this comes many challenges, as he needs to navigate two very different worlds. Not only must Knight overcome his competition on the streets, he also needs to defeat agents from the FDA and DEA, who have their own agendas.

    As well as distributing cheap, generic versions of popular medications, Knight creates his own antidepressant, one that is very different from anything consumers have seen before. The drug can clear the mind and shows users the truth about themselves — and society as a whole. This is a huge threat to politicians, the government, and anyone else relying on deception.

    Follow Knight as everyone from academics and bankers to journalists and jihadists try to silence him — while he starts a revolution.

    What Sets Drug Lord Apart

    Drug Lord is a novel that looks at ethics from a new angle. It explores legality and illegality, morality and immortality on both sides of the drug war. This is a unique perspective for drug trafficking books, and even rarer for books on FDA matters. As well as exploring Knight’s own morality, the novel examines how he searches for morality in others and how this influences his decisions. Self-delusion is highlighted as a mechanism by which inequity and servitude is promulgated. And truth is highlighted as the cure.

    While books about antidepressants often focus on the users, Drug Lord looks at the manufacturer and the risks – and sometimes rewards – associated with such activities. Unlike most books about pharmaceutical industry matters, Drug Lord is an action-packed adventure with everything you would expect to find in a great novel.

    Drug Lord reinvents notions about books on pharmaceutical industry or drug trafficking topics, and turns the foundation for one of society’s most politically incorrect occupations – drug lord – on its head. Follow Charles Knight on yet another thrilling adventure – buy a copy of Drug Lord today!