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Doug Casey & John Hunt’s High Ground Novels

The High Ground Novels are the latest releases from Doug Casey and John Hunt. The two authors joined forces, combining their unique skills and backgrounds to write a series that is as much about free market principles and philosophy as it is adventure.

About the Series

The first three books in the High Ground series have already been published: Speculator; Drug Lord; Assassin.

In the first, Speculator, we follow Charles Knight as a young man traveling to West Africa to pursue mining and speculation opportunities. His aim is to strike it rich, but everyone around him wants him dead. Charles faces a psychopathic rebel leader, a team of mercenaries and the US government while he navigates the complex world of African politics.

The second book, Drug Lord, sees Charles return to the US to begin a career as both an investor in pharmaceuticals and the head of a drug smuggling operation. He has a new street drug — and he’s going to use it to start a revolution.

In Assassin, book 3, the US is in the throes of recession, violence and elections. There are people committing horrible crimes, but they control the politicians and the currency. They’re above the law, but not beyond justice.

The Authors

Doug Casey

You may already be familiar with the name Doug Casey. International Speculator, The Casey Report and International Man are just a few of the many publications produced by his firm, Casey Research. He has also made hundreds of appearances on TV and radio shows.

Doug is a renowned investor and speculator, and a New York Times bestselling author. Other Doug Casey books include:

  • – Crisis Investing: preparing for and capitalizing during an economic crash
  • – Totally Incorrect: the points of view of a successful libertarian speculator
  • – The International Man: how to take advantage of international financial opportunities
  • – Right On The Money: a book on preparing yourself to come out of the next crisis wealthier than you started

John Hunt

In addition to being an author, John is a medical doctor, specializing in pediatrics, immunology, asthma, and allergies. As well as chairing medical conferences across the globe, he has written close to 100 research papers.

John Hunt has written several books, including:

  • – Assume the Physician: a comedic look at the health care system
  • – Higher Cause: a novel following terrorists and scientists through a Mexican revolution
  • – Your Child’s Asthma: for advice about management and therapies for different types of asthma