Higher Cause

Higher CauseIn Higher Cause, Petur Bjarnasson battles against mercenary terrorists and violent agents of a Mexican revolution as he gathers investors and scientists to create a vast new source of wealth sufficient to overcome the catastrophic global currency devaluation orchestrated by the world’s central banks.

In 1789, the HMS Bounty mutiny was plotted by Fletcher Christian against Captain Bligh in order to follow the British Admiralty’s secret orders to return to England with a Tahitian artifact of incredible power. Two hundred and twenty years later, the economies of the world are on the brink of hyperinflation and collapse caused by government incompetence and egregious counterfeiting of money by central banks. To avert Dark Ages, as occurred after the fall of Rome when it had debased its own currency, Petur Bjarnasson and Isaac Bonhoff partner with the world’s wealthiest investors and best entrepreneurial scientists to create massive new wealth—in the form of new energy sources—to pay back to the future generations the egregious accumulated debt, before it is too late. On the Paradise Islands in the eastern Pacific, the team succeeds on every scientific front, but must contend with assaults by enemies focused on protecting the value of oil by destroying competitive technology, a takeover effort by the Mexican government desiring to nationalize the work being done on the Paradise Islands, and the interference of a mysterious group of furtive old men. Petur’s team must use all its strengths to run through the gauntlet of adversaries in order to stop the world from deteriorating into poverty and totalitarianism.